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In 2007 I surveyed salon owners across Canada and asked them to share their top 5 challenges with me so I could cover these topics in seminars I was launching. I really wanted to deliver solutions to these challenges that were of value to those I served. As a result of one specific seminar where I provided the solution to these challenges, salon owners were getting the information and the tools they needed to get exciting results. Here were their challenges;

1. Wanting bigger profits
2. Struggling to find and keep good employees
3. Clients are following technicians when they leave
4. Low retail sales
5. New clients don’t come back

This year I surveyed salon owners once again, specifically those salon owners who recently joined my Mastermind Group. I offered my time to connect with them so I could better understand their positions in their companies and discover the challenges they were currently facing.

Surprisingly, the challenges of salon owners across Canada had not changed which validates that although each salon may have different issues at different times, when left without implementing strategies, tools or systems, they consistently experience the same struggles. Here is how I helped salon owners change the way they do business:

They incorporated selling systems and marketing strategies that guaranteed sales consistently with each and every technician in each and every salon visit. By doing this they were then able to focus on other areas of the salon.

They learned how to hire the personality and train the skill with the interview process and skill certification program that enables any skill level to be an immediate success. Once the team was hired and given the skills to get busy, salon owners experienced freedom from their technical positions allowing them to take time off or work on the business rather than in it.

They used the “Standard Of Service” to build awareness of the superior way they service clients. This is the tool used to create consistent quality service between technicians that creates a client base that is loyal to your salon, not your technicians.

The Client Education Process taught their technicians to educate, not sell with a 7 point system designed to create client initiated sales. Retail sales increases client retention dramatically and generates revenue and is the avenue where salons make true profits.

Salon owners implemented systems ensuring a WOW! experience with each salon visit that keeps clients coming back and telling their friends about you beyond the first visit. Once isn’t enough, client retention is about retaining that client not about getting them back. Keep your marketing dollars in your pocket by focusing on retention versus attainment.

So when I asked salon owners what the biggest reward was when they started to implement the solutions they learned?

They said that they learned how to hire the right team, build the team, train the team, retain the team and reward the team. And that through this process they also learned that through delegation and goal setting their team became accountable to the salon’s profit and growth allowing them the ability to focus on growing the business. They realized that with the support and tools Salon Operating System offered them they were able to reach higher levels of success.

To great success,

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