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Cash Twist is the brainchild of Marleen Carlson and Alan Wilkins, the names behind Royal Marketing. The company began its pre launch on November 21st 2010 and is expected to launch on January 2nd 2011. No one is giving away much information at the moment but the company is enticing people to join as soon as possible by giving them an opportunity to build their downline on site at absolutely no cost. Once the company has launched, the pre-built downlines will be placed in order within the main CT downline.


This has to be one of the cheapest ever money making opportunities with the company asking for a one off payment of only $ 10 (possibly less) once they open for business. It has been said that an individual will benefit from everyone in their line, with a spill over facility coming from top producers, and the back office shows 10 levels of affiliates. In addition $ 7 will buy a member 70,000 banner ad views. I am guessing that the Cash Twist website is a downline builder for some sort of mlm opportunity which will be revealed after pre-launch.


In order to sign up for free you need to be over 18, be in possession of an alert pay account and have a spare $ 10. If you can refer just one person into the scheme, you will have made your money back and if you can recruit 2 members in the pre launch stage then you are in profit. Whether you can make money with Cash Twist remains to be seen. It is going to be about referrals and I would guess there is going to be a lot of duplication required in order to see any major monetary gain. As with any mlm business, those individuals with marketing and leadership skills are the ones that will make the serious money. If you’re not one of those individuals, then by all means have some fun knowing that the initial outlay is minimal.


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