Ceo Fang Hongbo Most Expensive Household Appliances: New Challenges, New Rights Battles

2005 year, 45.6 billion yuan; in 2006, 550 billion; 2007, 75 billion yuan; 2008, 99 billion yuan; in 2009, estimated 98 billion yuan; in 2010, is expected to exceed 120 billion yuan.

Midea Group Sell Income is almost meteoric rise, and the next day broke into the Fortune 500 are numbered. However, all of the achievements and glory in the United States Electric (000527) (000527.SZ) Chairman of the Board Fang Hongbo it seems has become the past tense, for like the challenges of uncertainty and excitement of the Fang Hongbo, aesthetic The future possibilities are infinite.

2009, the for Fang Hongbo is a memorable year. August 26, Fang Hongbo took over the former Chairman of the Board He Xiangjian sitting on the baton for 16 years. Midea private enterprise to break the family succession practices, Fang Hongbo, as professional managers to achieve the brilliant career peak, has become

Home Appliances Industry the most expensive CEO (salary 4.58 million yuan).

Fang Hongbo within the company as the “plane rose up the heads.” 17 years ago when he first arrived in the U.S. electrical only within the President’s Office Journal editor, was rumored to accompany He Xiangjian as travel editor, Fang Hongbo will be the observed market situation sorted out and summarized, and how boldly express their point of view. No doubt when editing written speeches for leading a “sideline”, he learned his trade the big picture and in-depth study of the “eye.”

Opportunities from stepped in the United States in 1997

Air conditioning Operations into the end grain, Fang Hongbo He Xiangjian against all the odds in after the company was only use competent domestic sales of air conditioning. Led him to success is “to sell to

Marketing Changes to manufacturing changes to customer needs “new ideas, to cultivate a group of young in the Emergency Unit of marketing in 2008 after the company sales growth of 200%, sales of 90 million units, China’s air-conditioned four rapid Sharu strong list.

Fang Hongbo so positioning yourself, “compared to

Boss This concept, the boss is born, is a genius; and professional managers are stringent standards for machine parts, the employees, rely on the professional qualities and abilities. “

This way, the United States with an annual sales of electrical appliances close to 50 billion yuan predators. Even in the event of the 2008

Financial Crisis, the US’s electrical energy is also still blooming.

Three quarterly according to the company revealed that the United States in the first three quarters of total revenue 35.66 billion yuan, down 4.5%; net profit of 1.551 billion yuan, an increase of 45%.

Although the sales of beauty has not fully recovered, but the contrast greatly enhance the profitability of the company last year. 2008 full year revenue of 45.3 billion, net profit of only 1.033 billion yuan. First three quarters of the company annual revenues of less than 9.6 billion yuan in 2008, but last year’s net profit more than a 518 million.

Fang Hongbo led the U.S. in appliances, in 2009 has been in transition to high-end products, leading to significant increase in gross profit margin: gross profit margins in the first three quarters as high as 22.24 percent, while the 2008,2007, the company gross margin was only 19.16%, 18.62%. In addition, the annual profit was gratifying: the cumulative expected 2009 net profit of about 18 billion yuan, up about 74%.

This may be just a coincidence. Bo Fang in the 1997 Asian financial crisis, when orders from the company’s crisis, a Crisis in the U.S. Later in the electrical industry to establish a leading position; 12 years, the global financial crisis Fang Hongbo then became the company’s top leader ” Chairman of the Board “and is also the president, set policy and implementation in a, Fang Hongbo what they bring to the company’s miracle?

U.S. group plans to “reach 120 billion yuan in 2010 sales, the impact of the world’s 500”, as compared with 50% of the total group revenue of U.S. electrical appliances work towards this goal in the group naturally important, boosting and witness the Group into the world top 500, or Fang Hongbo another miracle to bring the company.

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