Currency Cash Flow Machine ? Frequently Asked Questions

Throughout this document you’ll find answers to all of the most commonly asked questions about the Currency Cash Flow Machine.  This document is consistently updated with the most common questions as they come up; so make sure to check back to learn more.

How profitable is the Currency Cash Flow Machine?

The perfected and current version of the Currency Cash Flow Machine has been traded on live accounts since 2010. The system returned an astounding 4,127% last year and has returned 91% in 2011 year to date!

What should I do to get started?

For your convenience we have put together several documents and videos to help you get started with the Currency Cash Flow Machine.  This information can all be found in the member’s section.  We recommend that you follow these steps in order to get started:

1.) Read the account setup tutorial

2.) Setup your Forex trading account

3.) Read the Signal Following guide

4.) Set up the Currency Cash Flow Machine on your account

5.) Watch the trades be executed automatically right on your account

6.) Start profiting in the Forex markets!

7.) Read the strategy overview

8.) Watch the trading platform video

9.) Join us for a complimentary weekly webinar to discuss the strategy

What brokers should I use to trade with the Currency Cash Flow Machine?

After careful analysis we have found several brokers that you can use to trade the Currency Cash Flow Machine.  Because the system uses an innovative trading platform, you need to use one of our approved brokers.  We currently have relationships set up with FXCM US, FXCM UK, FXCM AU, Alpari, FXDD, and AvaFX.  For your convenience we’ve created a detailed instruction guide and videos that will show you how to open an account at these brokers:

Do I need to place the trades after I’ve set up the system?

The Currency Cash Flow Machine uses a very special trading platform.  Once you set up the Currency Cash Flow Machine, all trades will be executed on your account automatically.  You do not need to place any trades.

How many trades will I get per week?

You will receive 5-10 trades per week.  These trades will be automatically executed on your account.

Is the Currency Cash Flow Machine a Forex robot?

The Currency Cash Flow Machine is not a robot and is not a signal service.  Typically Forex robots are computerized systems that have no human intervention.  Without that human touch the robot can get you into some terrible trades.  When your money is on the line it’s best to rely on an experienced and successful professional trader.

The Currency Cash Flow Machine uses a revolutionary new software created by Tradency.  This allows you to follow right along with a hedge fund manager as he milks the Forex market for profits.  By using this revolutionary mirror trading technology your account will mirror a professional hedge fund trader.  You control your position size and the pairs you want to trade and the technology does the rest.

How does the strategy work?

This is a great questions and we appreciate your curiosity!  In order to teach you about this strategy we have created a guide called the Strategy Overview.  This can be found in the members section.  Simply click the link below to access this guide now:

==> Currency Cash Flow Machine – Strategy Overview

How much risk should I take on in my account with this system?

We recommend that you trade 1 micro lot (one 1k lot) for every $ 250 in your account.  So, if you have a $ 1,000 account you should trade 4 micro lots per currency pair.  Additionally, if you had a $ 25,000 account you would want to take on 90 mini (10k) lots per currency pair.

What is Tradency?

Tradency is a company that has created an innovative new trading platform.  This mirror trading platform allows you to mirror our professional trader as he trades.

When are the webinars broadcasted live?

The webinars are held once per week.

Are the webinars recorded?

Yes, the webinars are all recorded.

Additional Information:

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