Cut Down On Your Fuel Expenses

The world is being held to ransom by rich arab countries which have plenty of oil. Between America’s oil guzzling economy and the Iran oil embargo, one cannot seem to find enough oil to sustain oneself these days. Most countries lack the natural resources required to support themselves and they have to depend on oil import. In such a scenario, oil prices are ever on the rise and the price per gallon has crossed the unbelievable mark of $ 100 per gallon.

Crude oil itself is expensive and the process of filtering and converting it into petroleum and diesel adds to the high cost. The brunt of this is born by the final customer or the common man. In such a scenario gas conversion seems to the only option. Most public transport vehicles seem to run on LPG these days and it seems like a good way to go. Many manufacturers are coming out with LPG models for their vehicles too. While the initial cost may be higher than the petrol or diesel variants, in the long run customers stand to save a lot of money.

Half The Cost

The cost of LPG is approximately about half the cost of petrol. In such a case, one can see why many more customers are opting for conversion these days. Moreover, the government is also offering subsidies of up to $ 2000 to encourage people to convert into LPG. LPG also produces lesser carbon based vapors and this leads to a greener planet. We can save the planet and at the same time save on fuel money. Recently, experts have predicted that the price of petrol and diesel is bound to skyrocket soon. This is due to the excessive demand and lack of supply. Converting to LPG right now will save you a lot of money.

One can safely say that LPG is the future, unless experts find some other viable substance. LPG based vehicles also provide advanced performance and mileage. Vehicles of almost any size can be converted into LPG these days. Before you decide to opt for LPG conversion, it might be worth calculating the predicted benefits. Calculate the amount of money which you spent on petrol or diesel and compare it with the estimated costs of LPG over the next two years. The cost of running on LPG will be significantly lower than other variants.

There are several dealers who can convert vehicles in LPG and they do it in a professional manner. Finding a good dealer will not prove difficult. Most petrol stations have a specific outlet for LPG gas conversion as well. Refilling the vehicle is easier than you think. Over the long haul, you will notice that your vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently and the engine deterioration is also much lower than with diesel or petrol variants.


Before opting for LPG conversion, get some professional advice and decide on the right path forward. Choose an appropriate dealer and ensure that they have your best interests at heart.

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