Difficult When The Export Toy Industry In Jiangsu And Then “trickle Cash Flow Silver?” –

Exports has been the export of Jiangsu Toy Industry survival, as Financial The environmental impact of the crisis on exports, development of enterprise in Jiangsu many toys difficult. The domestic market will be the transformation of enterprises in Jiangsu toys, the main directions.

“Wolf” hot, toys, not the bottom

Reporters yesterday, Wal-Mart and other large supermarket Xinjiekou found that animated film “Happy Goat and Big Big Wolf of the tiger,” “with a hot” toys Sell , Several children Naozhe buy “Wolf.” Underground in Leddy Square, related toys sell well.

However, some “particular style” hot toys, and not representative of the rise of this industry in Jiangsu Province. Toy Association of Jiangsu Province, the official told reporters, in fact, the toy industry not look “small”, but you can “trickle cash flow of silver.” Jiangsu toys founding earlier, more export-oriented trade volume has for years ranked the second, economic gratifying. But in recent years, as Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong toy industry and improve the market economic mechanism, Jiangsu, China import and export of the toy industry is currently ranked fourth in the back seat. It is understood that the current size of the toy industry in Jiangsu province more than 500 enterprises, mainly SMEs, labor-intensive, the number of directly employed 20 million. Lack of capital investment, the scale of development stagnation, lack of innovation, many are family run toy factory workshop-style “fighting alone”, the original edge is no longer, and then by the financial crisis, the current efficiency is worsening.

“Financial crisis is not terrible, but afraid you are fragile. Toy enterprises must ‘needed to train their internal strength’, and more innovative fun products.” This is the general manager of Nantong, a toy company to issue from the past.

Wall flower wall also Hong “Recover ‘lost’ in the export market, Jiangsu toy enterprises must open up the domestic market, ‘wall flower’, while ‘wall to incense’.” Jiangsu province, said Toy Association, responsible person. In recent years, toys, domestic sales channels, great changes have occurred, in addition to the traditional toy department store retail channels, but also increase the number of new toy retail outlets, such as the Carrefour, Wal-Mart, Tesco and others as representatives of large foreign chains, because the flow of visitors many more shops than on a large scale centralized purchasing; Southern high-end shopping malls and other large cities internationally renowned toy chain store; TV Direct sales channel; Taobao online sales channels such as toys.

In addition, the street toy model is not a small store market, according to incomplete statistics, at least 2,000 across the toy model of a small shop. Lion Bridge as Hunan Road Pedestrian Street alley, the horse Taiwan Street area, opened a lot of different forms of monopoly model toy shop, a lot of players who love anime cartoon characters will come Taobao weekends. But to really make the products of Jiangsu toy companies incense up in the domestic market, but also in a lot of work, selling many products currently on the market is not Jiangsu native, how to further make good use of domestic sources, is worth the next toy enterprises in Jiangsu for strength.

17012 embarrassment: policy support hopes ‘s Jiangsu Province recently completed “two sessions”, some CPPCC members submitted “on the show for the toy business to participate in domestic proposal to provide government subsidies,” the proposal. “Proposal” for example, said in October 2009 in Shanghai, China Toys and Games Fair, the Guangdong Province, Shantou City, more than 170 exhibitors toy companies, and Jiangsu, the National Toy eight producing the least number of participating enterprises, less than 12. Lack of government policy support is of Jiangsu exhibitors active colder one of the reasons, it is understood, Guangdong, Zhejiang Province to 50% of exhibitors Exhibition fee financial subsidies, to mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises. “Recommended” that the show is silent Advertisement Effective publicity, through which businesses can attract customers to expand and establish a market. “Proposal” calls from various levels of government in Jiangsu to increase policy support for SMEs.

“Zhen Xing Cup” 2009 China Top Ten selection screen printing special awards ceremony

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