Double Your Income by Following Your Heart

Probably the greatest mistake that most people make in their lives is not doing what they love for income. Most of society’s ills such as stress come down to this one, seemingly little mistake.

Sometimes the mental trap that people fall into is that at least the job they hate puts food on the table, keeps a roof over their head, keeps the wolf from the door, or whatever other analogy you like. While this is true, what kind of existence is that? When you’re on your deathbed, do you really want the only thing that people talk about being, “Well, he kept food on the table…” or “He kept a roof over his head?” I seriously doubt it.

Let’s think about some of the biggest people who have walked the face of the Earth. Michaelangelo. Mohatma Ghandi. Picasso. Nelson Mandela. JFK. The common factor in these great people’s lives was that they were doing what they loved, not enduring some 9 to 5 grind.

While it’s true, neither of us will likely become the same kind of historical figures these people were. However, we can still live by their example. Our lives can make a difference on a smaller scale, and we could be doing what we wanted. We would be fulfilled in our vocations.

Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the greatest architects since Michaelangelo hundreds of years previously, was asked on his 80th birthday, “What is the most important building you’ve ever designed?” His answer was, “My next one.” He was 80 years old, and he was still planning buildings! Was he a workaholic? Not really, he just loved doing what he did so completely that he couldn’t imagine quitting it-even at 80 years old.

Now the question is, “What do you love to do?” “What would you rather be doing, right now?” How can you do more of that and less of the soul-sucking venture that you’re currently in?

You have to do it in steps; baby steps. Every month, disengage from your “real job” just a little bit. Take one step towards what you would rather be doing. Every month, close the gap between yourself and doing what you, until now, only wish you could do. Eventually, your life will become full of only the things you love. You will have made it at last. Bravo!

You may think at this moment that it’s easy for me to say. It’s one thing to talk about doing what you love, and another to do it. So, what do I love? I love to teach. That’s the reason why I fly around the world and give speeches to people. That’s the reason I blog. Teaching is my true love, and I’m living it right here and now. My dream IS my reality.

So, back to you, what would you rather be doing?

Raymond Aaron,
New York Times Top Ten Bestselling Author, “Double Your Income Doing What You Love”

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