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Amazing Features !

All worksheets are Automatically Linked Together so figures only need to be entered once!!

You do not need to be an accountant to know your financial position concerning your monthly inflows, outflows or expenses.

This easy to use and easy to understand the 3 years monthly Cash flow Statement spreadsheet, calculates everything you need to know and allows you to keep track of where your money is going monthly and yearly. Tracks your cash flow monthly and forecasts your financial position within these three years period. THIS SOFTWARE IS DESIGNED TO MUCH WHAT IS IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT. 

Basically puts us in control of how to manage your cash flow.

This unique three years monthly Cash flow Statement template, enables users to record their Actual, Budgeted and Projected revenues and expenses on a monthly and annual basis.

The template produces and compares actual, budget and forecast for full year amounts.
The annual cash flow projections are calculated automatically based on the actual amounts, the projected amounts and the budget amounts.

This template enables users to create a monthly cash flow forecast for any three year period and to compare the cash flow forecast to actual account balances.
The monthly and annual reporting periods are all based on a single user defined start date (as per the 2nd screenshot at the left). Actual Cash flow statement need to be entered and a unique, Innovative Management Comparatives Report can then be used to compare the budgeted, the forecasted and actual account balances on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, year-to-date basis or for any given month and year. The report includes the cash flow statement for all of the cash flow forecast, the budgeted cash flow and the actual results and can be updated by simply selecting a month from the list box from the user-form.

This template enables users to automatically compile a complete cash flow statement by simply entering basic Revenues and expenses amounts. The template incorporates a current and comparative financial period and produces a cash flow statement.

At work, monthly data is tracked, calculated, and then the results sheets need to be stored somewhere else so the data is not overwritten. Instead of saving the entire master workbook with all kinds of un-necessary extra sheets, and calculations that could still update, this feature will copies each year data (Budget, Actual/Estimate results and the Full year results) into a new workbook, with a title of your choosing, removing links and pasting formulas as values.

At the end of the 3rd year results, an automation button moves 2nd and 3rd year back and leaves the 3rd year empty for your next cash flow period. The 3rd year actual results become the new 3rd year budget and leaves the monthly actual period empty.

This template is the ideal solution for everybody, for individuals, for trade and service based businesses, accountants and financial managers and is guaranteed to save users a lot of time when compiling cash flow statements. Assists users in developing an improved understanding of the calculations that need to be performed in order to compile a cash flow statement.

  • Tracks all your income and expenses and helps you to make better projections and allocations and helps you to cut on inefficiencies
  • Measures you Cash Inflows and Outflows
  • Finds your Net Cash Flows
  • Provides you with an Indication of your Financial Situation
  • You get a clear picture of your Financial Health
  • Gain Full Control of Your Money
  • Helps you with Budget Planning
  • Forecasts your Future Financial Position
  • Intuitive and easy to use Layout makes Work flow and Presentations Simple to Understand
  • Printer-friendly. Each worksheet is formatted to print on A4 Landscape paper for Fast Presentation and Decision Making.
  • Auto Data Analysis : Automatically calculates Variance to Budget and Last Years Comparatives and Year-to-date Results.
  • Cells can fit from one digit number Up to Eight Digits Numbers. i.e. from 1 Currency Unit up to 99.999.999 Currency Units.
  • Calculates Decimal Numbers even if it does not show them in cell
  • Simple layout to record and analyze by entering revenues and expenditure information
  • Reconcile recorded transactions to account statement balances
  • Suitable for any Individual person or business
  • The same time includes three years  monthly  periods and ENDLESS!
  • At the end of the 3rd year, moves back a year and leaves the 3rd year empty for your next cash flow period.
  • Reporting periods based on a single user input cell
  • User input limited to basic template assumptions
  • Includes up to date & annual totals
  • Automated monthly and annual cash flow statement
  • Includes comparative years
  • Cash flow forecast automatically compiled from basic user assumptions
  • Includes monthly and annual cash flow statements
  • Unique management reports for comparing forecasted and actual results
  • Management reports includes monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, year-to-date totals or any given month
  • Cash flow statement calculations produced automatically from user input

Take your time and have fun learning how the different inputs affect your Cash flow statements and your Bank Balance at any given period of time during this 3 years period!