Cash flow

How can keeping track of your cash flow help you and your business?

Learn why cash flow is important to you and your business and how to track your cash flow using this Cash flow Statement spreadsheet software.

The Story:

You keep track of your Income and expenses and you know you are making a profit. But when you got to pay the bills, you don’t have enough money?
The last time, a supplier called you and was very upset? The bank had refused the check you have sent him because there wasn’t enough money in your account?
That’s embarassing! And if you keep not being able to pay your bills, your business can be in trouble.
It sound like you need to do a better job of keeping track of what money is flowing into your business and what money is flowing out.

Learn how to:

  • Make decisions about how to manage your cash
  • Use this Cash flow Statement spreadsheet software to track your cash flow

You discover that you don’t have enough cash to pay your bills?

Learn how this Cash flow Statement can affect you and your business’s health.

Play around with numbers using this automated Cash flow Statement spreadsheet and share strategies you have learned for monitoring your cash flow and the approaches you use or plan to use in making cash flow projections for your own business.


How can keeping track of your cash flow help your business?

When running your business, it is important to pay careful attention to your profit and loss and break-even point ( The Break-even point is how many units of something you have to make or sell to cover your expenses). It is important to monitor cash flow in your business. Your cash flow is the measure of how much money is coming in and going out of your business during a given period of time. Cash flow is the difference between your total incoming cash and your total outgoing cash.

Cash flow is different from the Profit and loss. A business might be on track to make a profit over the course of a year but sti8ll get into trouble if the owners do not keep track of their cash flow. Too many growing small businesses will fail because their owners do not have enough cash on hand to pay the necessary bills. Cash flow will tell whether a business is on track to lose or gain money and help you to predict whether you will have enough cash to operate your business.

Cash flow Projection

A cash flow projection is a worksheet that uses financial records from your business’s past to forecast the amount of incoming and outgoing cash that you can expect your business to receive. you can use a cash flow projection to estimate when your business will be busiest and to help you make decisions about when during the year you should plan to save more money or to make more investments.