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Few words about this Cash flow Statement

This 3 years monthly Cash Flow Statement can be used for Personal or Business Cash Flow Statement or you can use it as a Personal or Business Plan, as a Profit & Loss or Income Statement.


Detail Cash flow Explanations :

There are two main Categories:

  1. Inflows ( Revenues ) This category consists of up to 9 sources of income or revenue descriptions.
  2. Outflows ( Expenses ) – This category consists of up to 20 Outflows subcategories and each subcategory consists of up to 9 detail descriptions, namely 180 expenses within 20 categories.

Each year consists of 3 main sheets:

  1. Budget – You have the option to enter an estimated forecast budget for each year on a monthly basis.
  2. Actual/Estimate – In this sheet you can enter your actual and or estimated amounts for each month.
  3. Full Year Data – This sheet is automatically calculated. It is linked with the information from the Actual/Estimate sheet along with the Budget sheet. This sheet gives us a full view for the entire year. We will be able to see our projected bank balance at the end of the year.
  • Each of the above worksheets is formatted to print on 8 A4 papers. ( seven detail A4 papers plus one summary sheet with a graph showing the cash movement and the bank balance carried forward (c/f).

Each of the above 3 sheets has Comparative results and their differences from the previous years.

Statistics and Graphs:

  • Each of the above 3 sheets has Comparative, Cumulative results and their differences from your actual/estimate previous years results or from the current year budget.
  • A Monthly 3 year comparative results Report for each inflow or outflow. On monthly and daily basis.
  • A Monthly, Cumulative & Comparative Results and Differences Report based on a given month. Shows results at any given period of time. ( i.e. Monthly, Quarterly, 6 months, 9 months or full year results )
  • Graphs showing the monthly Bank balance c/f and the cash movement for each year.
  • Graphs showing the 5 Largest Outflows Categories for each year.

Statistics and Charts allow us to Compare Actual results to Budget results and help us to evaluate whether our Cash flow is staying within our Budget.

Enter Information into light yellow shaded cells only! Enter the Monthly Cash flow you experience Monthly or Estimate the Remaining Months to see the Projected Cash flow for the year for each month.

  • To delete contents in cells just press the “Delete” button on your keyboard. Do not use spacebar.
  • You can add / delete / change / modify the categories and the category descriptions at the “Categories” sheet.
  • To add a number(s) in an existing cell, just press the key “F2” on your keyboard and enter the equal sign “=” in front of the number and add the numbers as needed. i.e. =1234567+4567+98742 etc. and press the “Enter” key. Next time you will want to add numbers in cells, will only need to press the “F2” key and then add the numbers. i.e. =1234567+4567+98742+450+237 etc.

Work your way as needed to get to your final financial statements.

Take your time and have fun learning how the different inputs affect your Cash flow statements and your Bank Balance at any given period of time during this 3 years period!

After finishing your inputs, do not forget to save the file on your computer or device.