Statistics and Graphs
Among all the other we provide you all nessesary reports and charts that will help you see your inflows and outflows in a more professional way that they will help you manage your cash flows.
At the same time, you can also see the Comparative Results for the previous years as seen on the screenshots.

Statistical Reports include:
Among the other reports that come with each of the previous sheets( Budget, Actual/Estimate and Full year) come the following reports and charts:
■ A Monthly 3 year comparative results Report for each inflow or outflow. Monthly and daily basis.
■ A Monthly, Cumulative & Comparative Results and Differences Report based on a given month. Shows results at any given period of time. ( i.e. Monthly, Quarterly, 6 months, 9 months or full year results)
■ Graphs showing the monthly Bank balance c/f and the cash movement for each year.
■ Graphs showing the 5 Largest Outflows Categories for each year (Pareto Analysis).