How to Cut Costs and Save Money on Household Expenses


The credit crunch and double dip recession has left us needing to pinch pennies in order to survive. The cost of everything has gone up. It all appeared to begin with a massive rise in fuel, our petrol and diesel went from under a pound a litre to well over a pound. The cost of food increased in our supermarkets – this is partly a knock on effect from the rise in fuel.
One way of making savings is by walking rather than taking short car journeys and wasting fuel. Another place to save money is in the supermarkets. We could switch to supermarket own brands in many cases or try to not waste food; we do tend to throw a lot of fresh produce away. A good way to save money is by not spending our hard earned cash on buying lunches and making sandwiches to take to work instead. The odd coffee or glass of wine at lunch time all adds up at the end of the month. 
Buy your fruit and vegetables at a farmer’s market or at local farm shops, the quality and price are a lot better. The reason for this is because it cuts out the middle man. Another way to save money is to plan your meals and only buy what you really need to prepare your food. It is a great mistake to wander around a supermarket without a plan as there is the tendency to pick up anything that looks tasty, leading to a huge bill and loads of wastage.
Many families ask themselves where they can make sensible savings. The answer lies in the utility bills and other household expenses.  
Many homes are now fitted with water metres and water bills are rising – a good idea is to be aware of how much water you are using and to cut down. Your bill could go down by £20 per month if the tap is not left running unnecessarily or you use the washing machine less by being more conscious. 
It could be that you are able to save gas and electricity costs by switching, there are great comparison sites online that are able to tell you who are the cheapest suppliers in your area. Switching could save you up to £50 per month in some cases. 
The next commodity to consider is your home phone, broadband and television provider. There are some great deals offering phone line and broadband for free or half price for six months. It is worth taking out a bundle offering free calls during evenings and weekends. 


Search online for money saving websites who can provide comparisons of the utility providers and more, home phone offers are always on. Consider buying telephones online as well as other entertainment equipment such as televisions with massive discounts available.

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