Jie Mi Unspoken Rules: Appliances Returns Packing Fee Income More Off The Mark

Listed in the household appliance stores Desk Returns packed schedule of fees, mobile phones, digital products, small household appliances, packing charges generally 10 to 15 dollars, heater, refrigerator, washing machine, TV, Air conditioning, packing charges are generally in the 200 yuan, while the large box of fees is even higher, reaching 300 to 400 yuan. Stores and manufacturers have expressed packing charges are received guild regulations, how “norm” to define, why should consumers pay for the line regulation?

Warranty clearly states: “Since the products sold within 7 days from the date of the performance failure occurs, consumers can choose to return, replacement or repair.” Some appliance manufacturers and merchants in order to meet the needs of market competition, but also have extended the Returns of the time. In the regulations and the manufacturers promise, consumers Returns supposed to be guaranteed, the reporter found, consumers should really enjoy this


Will not be easy, because manufacturers are required to be formidable high packaging cost threshold.

Consumers the question: Returns experience high packaging costs


Washing machine

Machine packing charges to account for half the price, people feel such a thing sounds weird, but weird thing is that, instead letting consumers Miss Meng Henan met.

Miss Meng recently to the newspaper


Said she to more than 600 yuan this year, the price of 51 bought a special automatic washing machine, had not wanted to use only three days, washing machine and a drying feature is broken. Replacement to the store made her request, stores the same special machine has been sold out refused, and only agreed to fix, no fix can be repaired twice. So, Miss Meng demands the return did not expect stores Daoshi agreed very happy, but they made box to keep intact, or we need to pay 300 yuan for packing expenses. Miss Meng said that box had been sold to receive waste products, and store packing charges raised too high, she could not accept. But the store insisted on packing charges 300 yuan a little Less, saying that factory uniform provisions. Helpless, Miss Meng had to give up the idea of return. She told reporters, plus a little cardboard boxes on a foam board, then how can the value of 300 yuan?

As with Miss Meng, Jiang Shan Hunan Loudi consumer packaging costs are also met with a high disturbance. Mr. Jiang buy a new


Some quality, he demand a replacement, but can not provide boxes as being out of the 200 merchants packaging costs, there is no room for compromise. Mr. Jiang told reporters that the price of the refrigerator only 1,400 yuan, 200 yuan packaging charges have to, it is too unreasonable, not to mention businesses had already committed to purchase “quality problems, 7 days unconditional return policy”, now we want to change goods, and business has argued that “unconditional return policy is for deliveries not to say that do not box.” Finally, Mr. Jiang put forward a new refrigerator for not packing, in order to offset the original packaging, may still be business as “boxes can only be one on one” as an excuse to refused. The weather getting hotter and hotter, there is no fridge is inconvenient, Mr. Jiang had paid in accordance with the requirements of business 200 packaging fee.

News from China

Consumers Association

Understand that Return charge exorbitant packaging fees, has become a hot consumer complaints, and because some businesses excuses law does not specify, so that such disputes have become difficult mediation.

‘s Survey: Returns package fee income is norm

Packaging fee for the issue, the reporter conducted a survey and found that packaging fees charged Returns prevailing industry has become the unspoken rules.

A home appliance store in the Beijing, journalists at the reception unexpectedly found a store listed in the Returns of the scale packaging, content display:


, Digital products, small household appliances, packing charges generally 10 to 15 dollars, heater, refrigerator, washing machine, TV,

Air conditioning

The packing fee is generally about 200 yuan, while the large box of charges is even higher, reaching 300 to 400 yuan.

States United States

And Suning relevant person in charge when they interviewed said that when the charged packing fees Returns guild regulations, all manufacturers are packing provisions to charge fees, they are just collecting it, as to how much, in accordance with the provisions of the manufacturers .

Konka service officials said, Konka 42-inch LCD TV box worth 200 yuan, when consumers to proceed with returns if they can not provide a complete package, you must pay 200 yuan for packing expenses. When asked as to why a box so expensive, the service said that it is the company’s unified regulations and said Konka’s packaging materials used are imported.

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