Max Out Your Realtor Income & Create a Second Cash Flow

In today’s economy there is no room for the “faint-of-heart” as I’m sure you are already aware if you want to get the most out of your career sometimes you have to be willing to jump in there and get a little dirty. Here are some great cutting edge marketing techniques that you can use to help you max out your realtor income and a few creative ways to earn even more coaching in your spare time.

1. I can’t claim that having a website is a creative marketing technique so I’m just going to assume that if your Realtor income is important to you, you have done that. You have right?! If not get it done. Then create a squeeze page (separate from your brochure style website) this page will be on it’s own .com and the sole purpose is to collect e-mail addresses to add to you Ezine (step 2). (To learn more about squeeze pages read my e-book “Achieving Rock star Status”)

2. Provide an Ezine full of great useful information to your clients and prospects. A wonderful way to keep you “on their mind”, build trust and prove value.

3. Blog. I know you have heard of it, but still so few realtors take advantage of this marketing tool. Just by your experience involved in the purchase and sale of property you have a plethora of valuable information that could help prospective buyer and sellers. Why not share it by writing articles (and sharing others articles) on your blog. You can also submit your article to directories that will help people searching for information and direct them to you.

Create Practically Passive Income Coaching (great way to supplement and even exceed your Realtor income)

If you are already earning substantially more than the average Realtor ($ 100k+) weather you are aware of it or not you have developed strategies, techniques and systems that others could benefit from. Thanks to technology you can deliver this valuable information via video, audio and the written word and earn a great income on the side. The best part is you already have the tools you just do the work to put them in an easy to understand format once and then collect money over and over again, while you are busy getting on with your life. Here are a few coaching ideas.

1. Monthly audio CD discussing new marketing strategies, closing techniques and important industry news. You record the audio at home and outsource the rest. Members sign up online so there is no hassle you just watch the money deposit into your bank account every month.

2. My personal favorite, the monthly membership website. Build a “virtual office” with all the marketing and training materials a Realtor needs right there (from a successful Realtor “in the field” not a stale marketing company or corporate office). Charge a fair rate anywhere from $ 25-$ 99/month depending on the value provided and collect as many members as you want.

3. Virtual Training Kit. This is a great way to deliver tools focused on a specific task for example “client service” or “closing”. The product can be as simple as an e-book, and audio recording link and an uploaded video series (or any combination of the above). You build it once and sell it via a simple web page and collect money over and over again.

Are you ready to take the next step toward turning your Realtor skills into profitable information products and automated continuity programs that can earn you massive (and practically passive) income?

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