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The prices at the gas station have increased by 25% over the last year. Some of the experts are of the opinion that by summer the price of gas will touch $ 4 per gallon. According to reliable sources the price of unleaded gas may vary 20% but this is going to depend on the gas station from where you buy the fuel. Whenever you go out with your family in the car, you need to have the fuel tank full.

You may go to the gas station that is convenient for you. Along with proximity the other factor that plays an important role in buying fuel from any gas stations is the price quoted. How are you going to know that the gas station from where you are buying the gas is sold to you at reasonable price? What are different ways to save money on gas expenses?

There are mobile applications that can help you to save a lot of money being spent on gas. Some of these mobile applications are as follows.

This mobile application facilitates the user with a data about 11000 gas stations. The data is about the prices quoted by those gas stations in real time. The price mentioned in the data is sourced from the transactions through the credit cards. So the user knows how much he is going to be billed if he/she uses the credit card to pay the bill. When the application is started, the ten gas stations offering the gas at cheapest rate in your vicinity are displayed on the screen of the mobile. This application is priced at $ 0.99. This application is compatible with iPhone iOS2.2.1 and higher versions.

With the help of this mobile application you can have a list or map of the gas stations in your present vicinity. One can sort the gas stations in this list on the basis of price and distance. This application is free to download. It runs on versions higher than Android 1.5 and iPhone iOS3.0.

This mobile application facilitates the user with the shortest route to his/her destination. This can save much of your fuel especially when you do not know the route and take the longer route to your destination. Route4me application is free to download. It runs on iPhone iOS 3.2 and later versions.

This is such an application that makes you avoid traffic jams especially in the rush hours. Idling in traffic is the main cause of wasting gas. This application allows you to get advised by other drivers about accidents, traffic jams and even police traps. This application is also free to download. It is compatible with iPhoneiOs3.0.0 and higher versions.

This iPhone application is about carpooling or sharing of the car to save on fuel expenses. This application allows your friends, family members, relatives, colleagues and all those in your network to share your vehicle if the destination is the same. This application is free. It is compatible with iPhone iOS3.1.2 and higher versions.

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