The Secret To Flow

It was a warm, sunny day and Mary was having difficulty sitting at her desk. As the glorious sun shone into her window whe realized it was getting more and more difficult for her to concentrate these days. She needed a rest.

Today she decided to take a break. She used this as a basic coaching premise in her own practice. If you are feeling like your life is only filled with work, it is time to take a break and play. It was useful to play, recharging and energizing your battery.

Today she was going to go to the beach.

After she packed a lunch she darted out her door. She did this for a week straight. Finally after allowing herself this time to think, rest and ponder on the feel of the land and the energy of the ocean, she was inspired.

On the eighth day she began to write an e-book about the value of rest. Her friend loved it so much he volunteered to promote it for her for free with his internet marketing blog. Her coaching business began to grow sooner than she imagined with new business and clients.

“What the heck is flow and why would I want it in my life?” Good question. When you stop pushing your life ahead, a sort of mystical magical thing happens, your life leads and guides you.

It is like being Hansel and Gretel in the forest following the bread crumbs to their grandmother’s house, you are led on your path.

Your path has energy. Your path is powerful.

Your heart is the catalyst to your path. Most of us are so used to living a life of quiet desperation, separated and cut off from our feelings. We are told to “fit in,” “conform.” We are told to simply do what everyone else is doing to survive.

Most of us never awaken consciously enough to realize who we are inside. This is the age where human consciousness is awakening. The same mold does not fit each of us. We have shifted to a new age of power distribution, where our gifts of service are more important then conforming in a group.

As you awaken you might feel the other individuals’ life scripts do not suit you. For example, in your home town everyone is getting married right after finishing school This does not feel right for you. You are drawn instead to travel to exotic locales and learn about different cultures. You decide to take the risk and travel.

You find it is easy to get work and immediately land a job working for a tour company. You begin to lead tours for this company. You were able without even planning it, to own your own tour company in both the foreign land and your native country. You marry a foreigner and have a rich cultural exchange and extended family.

Life has a way of leading us forward to more joy, prosperity and satisfaction we could ever have had if we tried to “make” it happen. Life is a living thing. Life is an expression of a higher energy which creates a path of power for us.

If you are trying to get things in life and nothing is happening for you try sitting back and waiting. Go off and rest for a while. When you do this, it might feel like you are shirking your duties. In addition, you will find your feeling has wisdom behind it.

After rest, there is a flurry of energy and productivity.

The first step to get into flow is to rest, listen and wait. Quickly your path presents itself as you are led.

Don’t get stuck. Leap to the secret of flow at effortless abundance.

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