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A thesis is basically a write up or a report that is put fourth as a premise to a discussion, argument or sometimes it is just a uniform presentation of knowledge. it is the first statement that introduces the thesis and its contents and purpose. Before we refer to the thesis statement examples, let us have a look at the different types thesis statements. Broadly, thesis statements can be divided into 3 categories:
Analytical: An analytical thesis basically provides a comprehensive insight to some important issue and the true facts that are are related to the issue plus the analytical aspects of the same. You can check thesis statement examples for persuasive essays, if you are writing an smaller analytical thesis.
Expository: This is the simplest of all types of thesis, the expansionary thesis principally puts fourth some facts and simplified explanations regarding a specific idea, in front of the people.
Argumentative: The third type is that of the argumentative thesis and presents arguments between two view points. In some cases, only one view point may also be presented to the readers.
For inputs in the topic, you can refer to thesis statement definition and dissertations.

Some Thesis Statement Examples

There are some very good examples of thesis statements which can be presented before. These essay thesis statement examples are classified according to the type of thesis.

1.Analytical Thesis: An Analytical thesis as mentioned above involves the presentation of thoughts in front of the audience. Hence making baseless and logic free statements is dangerous. For example,

Terrorism is not an instruction of the Holy Religion of Islam

Here, it is obviously implied that the speaker wants to say that there is no connection between the Religion of Islam and the acts of terrorism. Hence it is wiser to make a bit longer but complete statement that can go as follows:

In contrast to general public belief in many nations and claims made by terrorists, terrorism is not ‘Jihad’ or a holy war by the Holy Religion of Islam. The act is a plague on the image of the Religion.

The examples of thesis statements for research papers must therefore have complete statements, which are backed by some wide truth. It is stated in the above examples of thesis statements that many people, in several nations believe that terrorism is ‘Jihad’. The belief of some people is the wide truth.’

Another example,

…theories and ideas of Karl Marx, have led to the development of conflicting political and economic ideologies, but these ideas indeed speak of the development of a society in which human being can live without conflict and fear…

2. Expository Thesis: Expository thesis statements are more precise and are also much easier to comprehend. Such a statement must be short, precise and true to fact. Here’s an example.

The Kashmir issue in the Indian subcontinent is a multidimensional vacuum…

A more appropriate completion of the statement would be,

The Kashmir issue in the Indian subcontinent is a multidimensional vacuum, with the interest of several parties at stake and righteous claimant, India willing to establish a compromising peace status quo…

Another example,

…the United Nations Security Council is a meaningless concentration of power of 5 nations…

It can be put in better works,

The veto power of all member nations, makes the United Nations Security Council a meaningless concentration of power of 5 nations…

Thus basically from these essay Thesis statement example, it be noticed that for a expository thesis example, we need a universal truth backing the new idea or claim. In some cases such type of writing is also known as persuasive writing and requires some acute writing skills.

3. Argumentative Thesis: The argumentative thesis statements are tough to write, because there are two conflicting ideas that are presented in the in the statement. Here’s are argumentative thesis statement examples…

Indian Parliament is a confluence of several ideologies, which sometimes proves to be a blessing but in cases a boon

It is quite obvious that there are bound to be conflicting arguments, but to make this statement even better, one can say that…

Indian Parliament is a confluence of several ideologies, which sometimes proves to be a blessing but in cases a boon, due to variable ideological principles.

Another thesis statement example can go as follows…

The United States economy has gone into a status of stalemate.

To put the fact in better words, one can say that,

Financial crisis and unemployment situations have put the United States economy into a status of stalemate.

For more writing tips on this type of thesis writing, you may refer to argument essay writing. You may also refer to essay writing, to sharpen your writing skills. I hope that the elaboration on thesis statement examples is resourceful.

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